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Siberut Island, Sumatra

Siberut is the largest and northernmost of the Mentawai Islands, lying 150 kilometres west of Sumatra in the Indian Ocean. The western half of the island was set aside as the Siberut National Park in 1993. Much of the island is covered with rainforest.

The island is known for its range of primates, including the Kloss Gibbon (Hylobates klossii), pig-tailed langur (Simias concolor), Mentawai Langur (Presbytis potenziani) and Mentawai Macaque (Macaca pagensis).

Things to See & Do

* Siberut National Park
* Wildlife viewing

General information

Cruise Season - Jan - Dec
Currency - Rupiah (IDR)
Language - Indonesian
Population - 35,000 approx
Electricity - 2 round pins European style
Land Area - 4,030 km²
Time - GMT plus hours seven hours
International Country Telephone Code - +62

Travel Links - Access to the Mentawai Islands is via Ambu Ambu ferry, seaplane or organized boat charter.

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